Pack Emergency Snack Packs

Pack Emergency Snack Packs

There are fun opportunities to pack Emergency Snack Packs (ESPs) at home, with your kids, colleagues, close friends, or faith community.

What is an ESP?

Each week we distribute a pre-packed bag of food to any child across Frederick County that is in need to eat on the weekends. Frederick County Public Schools distributes food but only for the school week. These pre-packs are ordered from a national partner and are very convenient for our current purpose during this pandemic.

We have started occasionally distributing, in addition to the pre-packs, what we call ESPs to supplement more filling items on long weekends or school breaks. During the school year when school in in-person these are sent home on the chance there could be a delayed opening or school closure due to inclement weather.

How do I buy food and pack an ESP?

You can order items from our Amazon wish list, or buy locally, to pack four (a breakfast item, two snacks, and one sweet) items. The list is a guide of items we prefer in the bags. We have had success purchasing through SAM’s Club and Costco for these items as well.

If you are wanting to pack the food as well even better! While packing we ask that volunteers please wear masks and gloves. The ESPs are quart or gallon sized bags filled with 4 items and placed in a box. It is really easy and fun for kids to participate in.

Purchased items or packed bags can be delivered to our storage office located at 1016 N. Market Street, Frederick, MD 21701 around the back of the building.

Blessings is so grateful for your thoughtfulness and willingness to help feed our low-income children in Frederick. They are the greatest at risk during this pandemic and every little bit helps them.

Where do I buy the food?

Click here to view our Amazon Wish List.